What the…??

I woke up on Thursday to a nice warm morning.  So warm that I wore flipflops.  Only to find out later that the expected high temprature was before 8AM, and it was going downhill FAST! 

 Snow, sleet, rain, cold and nasty, after a flipflop morning???  Am I going to actually have to check the dang weather now? 

As some famous southern writer says “That jist ain’t riiight!”

2 comments on “What the…??

  • I hear ya’ sis! And on that same day that the sudden snow storm came in, where do I find myself but the Artful Bead! I had to stop in on the way home to get beading supplies “in case I was snowed in”! It’s such a fun sickness, isn’t it?

  • You know, the thought of being stuck in the house without adequate beading supplies makes me a bit queasy. Definitely queasy… I need more seed beads, NOW!


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