Why make your own jewelry?

Several women at my day job (large north Dallas office) came back after Christmas showing of their new “Journey” diamond pendants.  And they were obviously disappointed by my reactions of “oh, that’s nice.”  When one pointed out that hers was nearly two carats total diamond weight, all I could come up with was “oh.”   “What do you have against diamonds!” she demanded.  And she wouldn’t let it go.

Well, ignoring the political problems of diamonds, and cost issues, I just can’t see having a piece of jewelry that is fundamentally the same thing that 23 million other women have.   That’s my biggest problem – they all look the same! 

I want my jewelry to be unique – different stones, different metals, different shapes.  It fits me perfectly and it is exactly how I want it.  My clothes tend to be jeans and t-shirts, and I tend to buy clothes to go with jewelry, not the other way around.  And if I want to wear a couple hundred dollars worth of tourmalines with my t-shirt, that’s my biz, isn’t it?

Why do you make jewelry?

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