Can’t type, feet hurt

Sorry, long day, the feet tried to abandon ship sometime around 6, and the back has decided to say hateful things every time I try to lean to the left.

But the monumental pile of amazing pearls is priced.  We were going to take their picture, but after pricing them and putting them in their box, we were too tired to take them out again.  So you’ll just have to trust me, there are some truly amazing pearls, for unbelievable prices.  Imagine the champagne stick pearls that look gold dusted.  That’s what they look like.  And coins in a glowing chocolate and other colors. 

Also priced are the incredible new cuts of emerald, quartz, sapphire, and topaz.  New multi-faceted cut cubes, onion cuts, and twisty cool things.  I can’t begin to describe them, and my photography skills are not up to the task.  Just be prepared to get light-headed on Preview night.

We got a lot more today, but I’m going to collapse now.

Tomorrow is the last day, we leave for home as soon as we finish shopping.  Or when we run out of room in the truck.  That’s getting to be a concern, the boxes were all stacked together when we came here, and filled up they take up more space.  I may have to share the back seat with suitcases and tubs!

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