Good Stuff

We got a lot of stone and pearls today. Walked miles. Went to 3 shows, ate dinner, priced till now. It’s 1AM here.

But look at these ever-so-lovely tourmalines:
And these – amethyst, chrome diopside, London Blue topaz, and Champagne quartz.

And we would’ve taken a picture of the huge pile of stone, including two new ones that we haven’t seen before, but the camera battery died. So just pretend. It was all mounded up on the desk, big pile. Now all of them are priced and tucked between layers of bubble wrap, ready for the trip home. Some of the pearls are just too pretty to imagine. There are a lot of colors of keishi pearls (little potato chip looking puppies) and some round ones in colors to make you sigh. I want to keep them all for myself, I have fantasies of grabbing them out of people’s hands and saying “No pearls for You!” or something.

And, to make me stop whining about my feet, I got to go to see Sharon Peters, and bought a wonderful WONDERFUL flatfish. Here she is, holding my new fish. Now I’m not allowed to whine for at least 36 hours, so it’s a good thing I like him so much.

Tomorrow we do it again!

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