See? I told you the signs said that

Yesterday we told you about the really cool road signs. Here one is:

After that, we passed our last landmark on the way, the big rocks.
A Mobil geologist told me once that there were only 4 kinds of rocks. Jewelry rocks, throwing rocks, desk rocks, and rocks that are too big to do anything with. These are clearly the latter kind. Oh, and if you look closely, there’s some kind of white frozen water-stuff scattered on the ground and rocks. The low was below 25 last night, and it seems to have caused that stuff. In the desert outside Tucson. We’re not thinking about it.

On our first day of shopping, we got some really cool turquoise hearts, and some fat turquoise disks with big holes across them. And some nice coral in lots of shapes and colors. And some hugely glittery butterflies.

Then we had a nice sushi dinner. Very nice. Tempura bananas are a lovely dessert.

Oh, and if nobody comments on anything (by clicking on the “comments” below) I’m just talking to myself out here. Which is worse than talking to my cats, because at least they talk back. Hello?????

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