New faces!

If you have visited The Artful Bead lately, you might have noticed some new faces! 

First there is Jourdain, college student and part-time model.  (She and her sister, mother, and grandmother modeled the jewerly in a couple of Mary’s books!) 


 She’s a tough act to follow, so next we hired Adrian and Kim:


Adrian is a bit new to beading, but he’s catching on fast.  Kim has been a long-time customer, who decided to spend more time with us. 

And there’s Stacy, who also teaches our Silver Clay classes.  She’s not new, but we have the picture, so we’re making the most of it.


And there’s Amy, the Queen of Saturdays!  She is also a full-time student, but comes from Denton to spend Saturdays with us.  Ask her about her “Bathtub Ring” next time you see her.  (We don’t have a picture yet, but we’ll get one soon…)



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