We’re Getting Ready

Yes, we’re getting ready for Tucson.  The anticipation is kind of like the first few notes of the theme from Jaws. 

(nunh – na…) Do we have the boxes, bubble-wrap, and tape?  Check!

(nunh – na…) Price tags, scales, pens, baggies? Check!

(nunh – na…) A new rolly suitcase to replace the one we killed last year?  Check!

(nunh – na, nunh – na, nunh – na!) We don’t have the Therma-Care back wraps!!!  EEEEE!!!

Good thing there’s still time.  This isn’t a “shopping trip” you know.  It’s a carefully planned expedition with predefined objectives, strategies, and tactics.  We outline each day’s shopping, find out in advance where the booths of our favored vendors are this year, and mark those new ones we want to check out.  Even though we’re there for 4 days, there isn’t time to walk by every booth at every show.  So we plan.

We try to figure out where we can find all of the special requests.  We think of what cool “specials” we can bring back this year.  We check the prices on silver and decide how much bargaining room the sellers might have.  (OK, realistically, with the price of silver still going up, none.  But everybody needs a dream.)

Then we pack our teeny suitcases.  We don’t need “outfits” for this.  We need shoes that won’t hurt and clothes that can take the abuse.  Also, the less space our personal stuff takes, the more beads we can bring back!

As of today, less than 5 weeks till Preview Night!


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