All that whining paid off, we have a sneak peek of the new stones that are being put on the wall as we speak!  (“as we type” seems kind of peculiar, sorry.)

There are lovely dyed lace agate beads in pink and blue in all kinds of sizes and shapes, red tiger eye and coral (lots of coral, not just these), and wonderful huge sparkly (make that *Sparkly* with a little dance) coated crystal in big bicones and rounds (no pictures of the round ones here, they were busy elsewhere.)

 Tray of New

 And interesting rose quartz shapes and yummy smoky spiral cuts that have to be seen in person, because the picture is crummy!!!  Look at the fabulous abalone pendants in perfect autumn colors.

Rose Quartz Smoky spirals Abalones

And treated agate that looks like art in a string!  Way better in person, I promise.

Treated Agate      Treated Agate longs

Shiny amethyst squares with lots of character, brown kyanite that makes you say “What is that?  Gimme!!!  NOW!!”

Amethyst     Kyanite

 Turquoise pendants in disks and teardrops, agate “eyes” that are too shiny in the picture because they’re so shiny in real life. (OK, next time we use the “real photography” setup, I’m over the artsy quick-and-dirty stuff.)

 Turquoise  Agate eyes

And a lot more, but they were moving fast, getting priced and put on the wall, and I can’t focus when there are that many beads in front of my face.  

But come in quick, before they’re all gone.  You have to have something to make presents out of, don’t you?  And you deserve a reward for getting everything ready for Thanksgiving.  And who doesn’t need a treat for cleaning up all that mess afterward? 


2 comments on “Stones!

  • Hey there,
    I LOVE the new website and apperently I can start ordering from here too! VERY Nice. It looks great. I am sad to hear about Wanda. I remember talking to her and thinking what a fascinating woman she was. She was so smart and had accomplished so much in her time and as a woman I was inspired. Really! I’ll never forget her. She did women great justice. Ok, I’ll see you ladies soon.

  • Thanks for the kind words, we still miss Wanda every day. We’re glad you like the new look, and we’ll be sending out a new newsletter soon.


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