Gettin’ to be that time again!

Starting to be almost cool at night, Santa’s workshop and the enormous tree have arrived in the mall, it must be Christmas Season!  And to get you in the holiday mood, we have these glittery trees and Santas:


And these stacked presents:

Present Earrings

They are Swarovski crystals, and we have kits or finished earrings.  For example, the trees are $12.00 for the complete kit (with sterling pins and earwires) and the made-up earrings are… uh… $12.00, too. The stacked presents and Santas are a little higher.  But we don’t have a lot of them left, and while they are on order, we aren’t sure when they will come in. 

More stones will be in soon, who knows what wonderful stuff Mary will find on this buying trip!  If we’re lucky, she’ll give us some advance pictures.  Or maybe we just have to whine to get them.

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