Located just off I-20 in south Fort Worth, The Artful Bead has quickly become the favorite destination of bead aficionados across a wide area. Why?

  • A beautiful store, with inventory that changes almost every single day.
  • A knowledgeable staff that’s ready to help.
  • A wide array of classes.
  • Plenty of free parking.
  • Well located near other points of interest.

Come see us soon. In the meantime, plan your visit with a map or your next class with a calendar. Have a specific question? Contact us by phone or e-mail.

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  • Thanks! It took awhile for me to figure out how to change it, “they” won’t let it be removed. This is what happens when the easily distracted are left to their own devices! We *are* trying to get the rest of the teacher profiles up, and other info, as soon as we can.

  • Hi there, I visited your wonderful store last summer while in Ft. Worth with family. I reside in Alabama currently. I picked up some wonderful clay flower beads from your store and have a friend interested in locating those same beads for her art. She lives in Australia. Is there a way you could help us purchase these items from your site or to locate these elsewhere? Thank you! kindly, Monica

  • Monica,
    Glad to help anyway we can. Would you be able to scan the flower beads and send me the image? My e-mail address is mary@artfulbead.com
    As soon as I can identify the flowers in question, we’ll start the process of getting them to your friend.


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